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Updating xmldatasource

If yes, does the JRC change programmatically the XML data source (URL XML Http and URL XSD Http) prior to execute the report?

The Xml Data Source control is a data source control that presents XML data to data-bound controls.

However, you can also use the Xml Data Source control to edit XML data.

The Get View Names method identifies this single named view.

You can use the object model exposed by the Xml Data Document and Xml Node objects it contains or use an XPath filtering expression to manipulate data in the document.

When you have made changes to the in-memory representation of the XML data, you can save it to disk by calling the Save method.

The Xml Data Source control supports XML transformations with the Transform and Transform File properties, which specify an XSL style sheet to apply to XML data before it is passed to a data-bound control, and the Transform Argument List property, which enables you to supply dynamic XSLT style sheet arguments to be used by an XSL style sheet during the transformation.

If you specify an XPath filtering expression using the XPath property, it is applied after the transformation takes place.

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Updating xmldatasource introduction

Updating xmldatasource

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