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Updating play tv

When is the last time those two apps had new releases of software come out for the TV? The Wi Fi in devices appears to be roughly half as sensitive as many laptops. For the TV, it has a maximum range of 50 feet, but we recommend that the range be 25 feet or less with a clear line of sight to get the best signal without bandwidth loss. I use the menu button shutdown and the screen goes blank, but the system does not fully shut down.In short I move the router to about 20 feet away when I test these things. From your previous post, issue (1) and (3) are likely related to the network. Next day told to download to flash drive latest version and install. Several calls later, they are sending me a loaded flash drive. The only way to get it to shut down is to hold the physical power button down till it shuts down. I noticed the time stamps on those apps are from last year. idx=406311Connection Speed to ISP: 10 Mbps Network environment: Wired/Wireless (Home/Office/Public)Router model: ??? So I'd try the following:- change the DNS server to try change the broadcasting channel to 11-13- decrease the distance to the wireless router, if possible- provide a clear line of sight, if possible HD Tech If that is the case why is my laptop (sitting next to the TV and connected to the TV via HDMI) able to stream Hulu and Netflix without any interruption? I've already tested changing the DNS and switching to different broadcasting channels (it is currently on 11).I would hope that the applications are being improved upon each quarter to correct issues that are being identified by your customer base. I only have a handful of neighbors using wireless though and their routers are weak (1 maybe 2 bars).It is possible that you have the latest for your set and area.Only Samsung may know what is that current version. Bob Bob -I can see you are a moderator but, your reply isn't helpful at all.Regarding the rest of your comments 2 & 3, there are certain apps that come with the TV; we call them recommended apps. Generally, but not always, any updates for these apps come in a firmware bundle from us because of certain reasons.May I ask what you were hoping to fix by updating these apps?

Otherwise it would lack the capability to access a network and download web-based apps.

It's not doing what you want so again, why tolerate a machine that does not do what you want?

My advice for about a few months after I saw what a "Smart TV" is has been unpopular with the makers. But it for picture quality and ignore the Smart TV for now.

As long as they are not giving us what we want, don't give them a dime for it.

I'm not popular with the Smart TV folk as you can guess.--Hi Mallen, Bob's observations are correct regarding the nature of the device.

In other words my network hasn't changed but the software did. by Lindyisabel - 2/24/13 AMIn Reply to: About the "cannot play movie at this time." by R. Check Network settings to check Internet connections. It'll update your entire tv, thus releasing the newest version of Netflix.

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Updating play tv introduction

Updating play tv

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