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These orientalists included all Indian religions such as Buddhism as a subgroup of Hinduism in the 18th century.These texts called followers of Islam as Mohamedans, and all others as Hindus.Among the earliest known records of 'Hindu' with connotations of religion may be in the 7th-century CE Chinese text Record of the Western Regions by the Buddhist scholar Xuanzang.

One of the earliest but ambiguous uses of the word Hindu is, states Arvind Sharma, in the 'Brahmanabad settlement' which Muhammad ibn Qasim made with non-Muslims after the Arab invasion of northwestern Sindh region of India, in 712 CE.According to Pennington, the terms Hindu and Hinduism were thus constructed for colonial studies of India.The various sub-divisions and separation of subgroup terms were assumed to be result of "communal conflict", and Hindu was constructed by these orientalists to imply people who adhered to "ancient default oppressive religious substratum of India", states Pennington.The term 'Hindu' meant people who were non-Muslims, and it included Buddhists of the region.In the 11th-century text of Al Biruni, Hindus are referred to as "religious antagonists" to Islam, as those who believe in rebirth, presents them to hold a diversity of beliefs, and seems to oscillate between Hindus holding a centralist and pluralist religious views.

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Sex dating in baltic south dakota introduction

Sex dating in baltic south dakota

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