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The last downside is the weapons lackof economic efficiencyit is expensive and the kill reward is low(in global offensive). Instead, be mobilerelocatethe firing position after killing one or two opponents to reduce therisk of allowing the enemy team to flank the sniping position. Switching to another weapon and then back, although it doesnt speedup the rate, does somewhat help to get out of scope mode withouthaving to zoom in. Do not form a straight line as a single shot from the awp canpenetrate into, and kill, up to five targets with a single shot.Attracted to the guy who has been in jail, arrested does drugs etc.. I NEVER ONCE hear them say or agree they know women who like to be treated like crap! Which IMO, makes them more classier than our women!I cringe when I see people here call Russian women sluts! Not saying none of them are, slits are in every country. Let's be a little more respectful What an utter rubbish we are being told here??? She is trying to pretend she knows how to mimick the Western style of intonation and accent in order to show that she is perfect, but it looks rediculous becuase she has not got anything from it. Just couldn't stand seeing how people just get fooled or think that what was told in the video was alright. My conscience did not manage to overcome the utter bullshit. You too Ekaterina, fuck off, don't touch my computer keyboa4237jflqyedg[.b.pfvdiov-9jj;s;ip8wpjpf;/.,bmm,,vlop[99ujvkdo9And just a small update to the last tip. I enjoy watching this pretty face :) Rules For Rebels Russian women, as well as women of other cultures, enjoy when a man does a step of learning their language and culture.Be sure to bookmark The Best to find us again, any time you are looking for hot fun online. Although damage is notreduced, it is not recommended to quick-scope, as the bullet may notalways kill a target with full health instantly.

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Safe dating tips for teenage girls introduction

Safe dating tips for teenage girls