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Rewritten contract backdating

The experienced attorneys at the Krohn and Moss Consumer Law Center have successfully handled and protected the rights of consumers who have been abused through violations of the TCPA, and would like to share what the TCPA prohibits, common violations, and how we can help you.It’s not uncommon for a dealership to call a customer days after they drove off the lot to tell them that they did not qualify for the financing they had been promised. What should you do if the dealership wants you to sign a second contract?Our auto dealer fraud clients often call us from the fraud dealership, or while on the go with their vehicle issues.Because of this, we offer free legal consultations over the phone for those in a hurry.Not only does this mean that there is a good chance that you’re interest rate and monthly payments may increase, but the dealership will want you to sign a second contract as well. The dealership does have the right to cancel your contract within 10 days if they cannot secure financing at the terms agreed to in the original contract.When signing a second contract with the dealer, you must be very careful to make sure that they don’t change any other terms of the agreement beyond what is discussed.

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Unfortunately, there is no single trick that we can warn you to watch out for on a second car contract.

Dealerships have a variety of ways they can update the original agreement in their favor.

They could change other elements that increase the total price of the car, or add fees that shouldn’t be included.

Many consumers have been scammed by signing a second contract from a dealership, but there are ways to protect yourself if you want to keep the car.

The drafting and negotiation of employment agreements for CEOs and other high-level executives involves unique and sometimes colorful terminology such “golden handcuffs,” “blue-pencil”, “red-line,” “evergreen,” “yellow dog” and even “brown M&Ms.” Understanding this terminology, and its application, can assist executives, employers, and their advocates to negotiate the best deal possible.

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You should have an attorney review your situation before signing a second contract with the dealership. Call us, Our attorneys can guide you on what to do. have a variety of ways they can update the original agreement in their favor. The most common issues that we see occur happen when the contracts are backdated. 
22-Aug-2018 13:00

Rewritten contract backdating introduction

Rewritten contract backdating

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