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What he saw in the flames was a powerful catalyst of change, much like himself.

Blessed with the power of fire and armed with his own flare for creation (and destruction), Ornn became the most legendary blacksmith in Runeterra.

In other games, blacksmiths are often NPCs who only exist to supply the main character on their journey.

Ornn was never intended to be a part of the supporting cast, in either meaning of the word.

But with walrus tusks, it looked like Ornn might be more of an ocean dude than a mountain one.

Wooly mammoths lived near mountains, but their oversized, curved tusks would get in the way of Ornn freely swinging his hammer… Ram horns started to really seem like the way to go.

Most of what is known about Ornn comes from ancient Freljordian stories passed down across generations.

He’s a demigod who’s seen some shit, and all he wants now is to craft hammers and other practical things in the peaceful solitude of his volcano.

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"Ornn’s like the endearing, grumpy grandpa you can’t help but hug even though you know it’s a terrible idea.

Plus, Ornn now had an in-game ability inspired by the ram concept art, where he’d charge at enemies and smash them into terrain.

In a strange way, Ornn’s ram horns became the hammer and the wall became the anvil…

Ornn never wanted to fight people, but he sure had it out for trees and icebergs and other natural landscapes.

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