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Dating late bloomer

As long as you check the major boxes, a Rational really won't care (or at least will tolerate) that you turn up half an hour late or leave your dirty clothes on the floor.

Unlike Idealists who often take up the romantic task of seeking the "love of their life," Rationals understand that no one has one true love, and that compromise goes a long way towards making a relationship work.

Jayne is an INTJ and lives in Yorkshire, UK with her ENTJ husband and two baffling children.

It was one of the first really warm spring days of the year, and the clock in our eighth grade French class felt like it was doing that thing they do in cartoons where they spin so slow they’re nearly going backwards.

That's because they often don't appreciate, or choose not to follow, cultural norms that dictate when and how one should date, marry, have children and so on. Long story short: if you can't perform intellectual backflips and debate a whole range of castles-in-the-sky ideas, then you probably won't get very far with a Rational. Rationals clash with every other temperament type in the way they communicate their feelings.In fact, you'll often find them theorizing about the status of the relationship, and how they can make the necessary adjustments to keep the relationship happy and healthy.If any flaw is detected, the Rational will fix it or they will delete your phone number. They'll simply weigh you up against whatever it is they need from a relationship - intellectual stimulation, fidelity, independence, humor - and they won't waste time dating you if they don't see a future together.To an NT personality, the good stuff will always outweigh the little frustrations here and there.That's the logical way to approach relationship decisions. At the end of the day, once we have found a worthy partner, we will move forward with confidence and gusto.

Rationals are one of the four Keirsey temperament groups, comprising the personality types ENTJ, INTJ, ENTP and INTP.

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I've had to deal with a lot of issues in my life due to High Functioning Autism NOT Asperger's - I had a significant speech delay and was in therapy. 
08-Nov-2018 18:29
Help for a Very Late Bloomer November. Being friends with someone I had a crush on has only ever led to over-analyzing and angst on my part, never a successful dating relationship. YMMV. Side note You need to get over her and start dating with that, "fake it till you make it" is actually good advice. 
08-Nov-2018 18:34
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08-Nov-2018 18:39
Feb 10, 2017. There seems to be this idea that every person in college goes in with at least some relationship experience. 
08-Nov-2018 18:41

Dating late bloomer introduction

Dating late bloomer

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