10 things you need to know about dating

For example, it was dangerous and time consuming to travel by land from Europe to India. João II of Portugal established a plan for ships to explore the coast of Africa to see if India was navigable via around the cape, and through the Indian Ocean.

King João II appointed Bartolomeu Dias, on October 10, 1486, to head an expedition to sail around the southern tip of Africa in the hope of finding a trade route to India.

There are only book, copybook, dairy and pen on the table.

-Very good, then what is the day of the week today?

Pupil: The Passive Voice serves to show that the person or thing denoted by the subject of the sentence is not the agent (the doer) of the action expressed by the predicate verb but the object of this action. Pupil: That the thing or person undergoes an action. The Passive Voice is built up by means of the auxiliary verb to be in the required finite form and the participle of the notional verb. There you can see the differences between the active and the passive voices.

It’s a new grammatical theme for you that’s why open your Grammar copybooks and let’s write down the main points. -Look at the Smartboard, let’s read and write down the main sentences. But now you know why and where we should use the Passive Voice. Then we’ll do a lot of exercises not to forget the different forms of the Passive Voice.

Vasco da Gama on his arrival in India, bearing the flag used during the first voyage by sea to this part of the world: the arms of Portugal and the Cross of the Order of Christ, sponsors of the expansion movement initiated by Henry the Navigator, are seen.

Painting by Ernesto Casanova It was undertaken under the command of Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama during the reign of King Manuel I in 1497 -1499.

Portuguese were after spices, but they were very expensive because it was an inconvenience to trade.

So, now, one pupil tell me the exact form of the verb in the active voice and then this pupil ask from the other pupil the passive form of the same tense. Read the examples and try to make up a rule when we use by and with. The interrogative form is built up placing the First (auxiliary) verb before the subject of the sentence. The negative form is built up by placing the particle not after the first verb.

Let’s look through the whole tenses of the passive voice. There you can see all the forms of the Passive Voice. The last one we should know at this lesson is the forms of the passive voice in interrogative and negative sentences. This issue is rather difficult but you showed your good knowledge during the lesson.

However, the project would not be realized during his reign.

It would be his successor, King Manuel I, who would designate Vasco da Gama for this expedition, while maintaining the original plan.

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10 things you need to know about dating introduction

10 things you need to know about dating

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