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I have to take some time off from the show now but I hope to see you soon.
You just have to choose a username, select your location in the world, post your date of birth and e-mail address and answer a few questions about yourself and, voila, your profile is created!
A new technique, developed at ANSTO’s Centre for Accelerator Science, has made it possible to produce some of the first reliable radiocarbon dates for Australian rock art in a study just published online in The Journal of Archaeological Science Reports.
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• Concerns about confidentiality limit access to sexual and reproductive health care, especially when young people rely on their parents’ health insurance.
Telegraph Dating is an online dating service that will help you find women and men like you.
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Ironically, its tragic misuse of Scripture supported a worldly agenda—as his great-grandson would later acknowledge—all in the name of biblical clarity and fidelity.(For a careful account of race and ethnicity from the standpoint of sound biblical theology, start here.) Nevertheless, this is an important historical document that helps us get inside the mind of a segregationist who was absolutely convinced that he was doing and expressing God’s will in contrast to those who were undermining God’s created order for society and for sexuality in particular.